Medical-Social Interpreting:
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Lingua medica Dolmetscher in Hamburg

Lingua medica GmbH represents experienced interpreters who were trained in medical interpreting as part of the project “Migrant care at the University Clinic Eppendorf” (Hamburg) in 1995.

Our interpreters are successfully deployed every day in hospitals as well as social and community institutes in Hamburg.

All our interpreters are native speakers: professional, motivated and committed to meeting their responsibilities as interpreters effectively. They share the same cultural origins as the patient – this eliminates the problems and complications that may arise due to a lack of cultural awareness.

An intimate knowledge of the cultural heritage and language of the patient, as well as professional training in dealing with emotional distress, such as bereavement and suffering, have made our interpreters indispensable partners to doctors.

Regular training sessions and team meetings help us extend our language service and promote quality assurance.